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HVR1      HVR2
1. 16114A 00073G
2. 16192T 00152C
3. 16256T 00263G
4. 16270T 00309.1C
5. 16294T 00315.1C
6. 16350G 00372C
7. 16526A

Haplogroup: U5a1
Tested with: Family Tree DNA
Contact person: Donna Conlen house     Contact this user

Most distant known maternal ancestor on the direct female line

First Name: Annie
Last Name: Sharkie
Year Born: About 1870
Year Died: About 1950
Country of Origin: Donegal, Ireland

Additional information about Maternal Line:
Anne was from Donegal, Ireland, the daughter of a poor catholic farmer. Her parents died leaving at least 4-5 children. Bessie (the oldest), Annie and a boy named Ed. Annie may have been raised in a convent. One sister married a farmer. The family wanted Annie to marry a farmer too but she objected to this and immigrated to the USA with her sister Bessie. Annie met her husband Horace Wiley in Bar Harbor. They married and met with stiff family resistance because Horace came from a staunch Scottish protestant family, one of the first families to arrive in Maine. Horace surprised Annie by converting to a catholic and all of their children were baptized as catholics. Rumor has it that the family burned down their house which resulted in Annie and Horace relocating to Phila where her sister Bessie worked as a laundress. Annie went each summer to Bar Harbor to work as a maid for rich people. The couple raised 3 children in Phila and both of them died there.

Search for Genetic Matches > Enter Search Parameters > Search Results > Displaying User

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