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Matching User ID 9MEVH using Standard Comparison.

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CompareUser IDPedigreeHaplogroupHVR1 MutationsHVR1 Mutational DifferenceHVR2 MutationsHVR2 Mutational Difference
3EJW7 H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
3X6MP H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
5YPAT H1051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
6HXWZ H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
78JNX H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
7ZDWE H1a1051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
8FG57 H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
96ZEB H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
ASV2A H162G,189C,519C-1Not Tested  
DQKWW H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
DS9YP H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
DSWPX H1a162G,189C,519C-1Not Tested  
F5JKF H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
FFF8E H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
GWBNZ H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
KJUXF H162G,189C,519C-1Not Tested  
MXVFV H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
P6D65 H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
Q8NW8 H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
QDC86 H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
QFDQW H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
R9X4T H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
RA6QE H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
SV2BM H1a1051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
UT7G3 H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
VPBX9 H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
VZ8FY H1a051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
WC96C H1a051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
WKE8Z H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
XGSVM Unknown051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
YCPPA H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
Z7877 H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
Z9KVB H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
ZEMGC H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
ZPGUA H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
ZYTFW H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
ZFG6T H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
U986S H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
RKCNP H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
QPUXS H1a051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
PY8WH H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
PCZRA H162G,189C,519C-1Not Tested  
kangy H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
K6TPS H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
CXMBD H051G,162G,519C-1Not Tested  
7GVF2 H162G,189C,519C-1Not Tested  
JGS3D H162G,189C,519C-1073G,263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C 
65YZJ H051G,162G,519C-1073G,263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C 
9MEVH H1a051G,162G,189C,519C0073G,263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C 

49 match(es) found.

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