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Displaying Pedigree for User ID 9M8W7

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Move your mouse over a name to see birth and death details, if available. Individuals known to be born in or after 1900 are hidden for privacy unless the GEDCOM owner specified otherwise. If you see => on the right of your screen, you can click this to view additional generations (if available).

16 Eli /Megonnigil/    =>
8 Colonel Henderson /Megonnigil/    
17 Anna /Stevens/  
4 John Nelson /Megonnigil/  
18 Joseph Everet /Akers/  
9 Mary Ellen /Akers/  
19 Elizabeth /Heard/  
2 Henderson /Megonnigil/  
20 Moses /Clevenger/    =>
10 John /Clevenger/  
21 Zilpha /Hill/    =>
5 Lavina Frances /Clevenger/  
22 William /Murphy/  
11 Louisa Wilson /Murphy/  
23 Mary Jane /Dorcy/  
24 John /Strange/    =>
12 Benjamin /Strange/  
25 /Elizabeth/  
6 William Flowers /Strange/  
13 Maryann /Myers/  
3 Margaret Mary Ann /Strange/  
28 Samuel /Huff/  
14 Fremont McClellen /Huff/  
29 Anna /Crosley/    =>
7 Bessie Lavona /Huff/  
15 Margaret Evelyn /Harris/  

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